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CADDX won the most influential brand award in security camera industry
Time : 2017/9/30    Clicks : 1501    Public:Caddx System INC.

CADDX won the most influential Brand Award in Security Cameras Industry.

We are glad CADDX won "the most influential brand of security Surveillance Camera" of China this year, because of our great reputation, good services and creative products in both overseas and domestic markets, as well as all positive feed-backs from clients.

We received this energizing Award in the Annual Dinner of China Security & Production industry, which was held in Caesars Palace of Shenzhen Window of World by Shenzhen Security & Protection Association, China Public Security, China Public Security Publisher and Smart China Federation.

This highly acknowledges our efforts and contributions made to China Security cameras & Protection industry. We regard it as a very good beginning of 2017, and will keep on developing rapidly at our best in the near future.

As a new brand, CADDX keep investing big capital into new product development and improving the current items. This helped us win excellent reputation quickly among customers worldwide. Meanwhile, we have a team who are dedicated in learning improving and excel. We possess advanced technology. This will empower us to be more trustworthy soon in entire security camera markets.

Thanks to all CADDX team for their efforts and endeavors. Congrats!